Reindeer husbandry

Responsibility area

To promote research on reindeer husbandry related issues in the Nordic countries. A central aim is to accomplish networking between scientists from different disciplines, countries and research organisations, as well as between science and end-users (reindeer husbandry, management agencies and others) and thereby stimulate knowledge building and research cooperation.

We also wish to integrate young researchers and students into reindeer husbandry-related research. Our vision is to contribute to maintaining reindeer husbandry as a resilient social-ecological system.


The establishment of the Reindeer Husbandry Section is a consequence of the closure of the previous contact forum, NOR (Nordic Council for Reindeer Husbandry Research;

As a well-established member organisation, NJF has the prospect of continuing the previous role of NOR as a contact forum and for e.g. arranging research conferences and initiating joint research projects. An independent section for reindeer husbandry research at NJF is justified by the multidisciplinary field, which covers a range of diverse themes within natural and social science and humanities.

The permanent Section Board will consist of at least one representative each for reindeer husbandry research in Norway, Sweden and Finland, and possibly representatives from Iceland and Greenland too. Board members may be appointed from other member countries if they are interested in joining; at least one representative from a reindeer herders’ organisation; a representative from a relevant management agency; if available, a contact person representing reindeer husbandry related research in Russia.

A provisional board has been appointed until representatives for the permanent board are selected by the respective national associations.


Birgitta Åhman
Professor in reindeer husbandry,
Uppsala, Sweden

Members of Section Board

Øystein Holand
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
Ås, Norway

Øystein Ballari
Fylkesmannen i Troms (County Govenor of Troms)
Tromsø, Norway

Rolf Rødven
The Arctic University of Norway (UIT)
Tromsø, Norway

Päivi Soppela
University of Lapland,
Rovaniemi, Finland