Conference summaries

Summaries from NJF Conferences arranged yearly.


NJF Seminar 495 Organics for tomorrows food systems. NJF 4th Organic conference
NJF Seminar 493 Integrated crop protection (IPM) in Nordic and Baltic berry crops


NJF Seminar 492 NJF-EurAgEng-Agromek seminar 2016
NJF Seminar 491 16th Nordic Herbage seed production seminar, 20-22 June 2016, Grimstad, Norway
NJF Seminar 490 Nordic Agrifood Expertise for Development, 22 january, Helsinki, Finland


NJF Seminar 487 The Water Framework Directive and Agriculture
NJF Seminar 483 Soil Degradation: Theory, Evidence and Protection Activities
NJF Seminar 484 Biodiversity Based Integrated Pest Management in Field Crops
NJF Seminar 488 Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus in winter cereals


NJF Seminar 477 Agromek & NJF joint seminar: Future arable farming and agricultural engineering
NJF Seminar 478 Nordic-Baltic Fusarium seminar-Challenges and recent updates
NJF Seminar 479 Reindeer herding and land use management – Nordic perspectives
NJF Seminar 476 Economics of animal health and welfare
NJF Seminar 475 Maize in a cooler climate - from seed to feed
NJF Seminar 480 Management strategies for reduced N2O emissions from North European agricultural soils
NJF Seminar 474 Nordic heritage varieties of cereals. History, cultivation, breeding, milling, baking, brewing, food quality and health
NJF Seminar 469 Agriculture and water quality ‐ Future challenges for monitoring
NJF Seminar 467 Economic framework conditions, productivity and competitiveness of Nordic and Baltic agriculture and food industries
NJF Seminar 471 NJF/EWRS Workshop on recent advances in IWM of perennial and annual weeds, with special emphasis on the role of crop-weed interactions